Monday, February 2, 2015

Design Wall Monday February 2, 2015

  Now that Grand Illusion is a flimsy. I can go on to February's UFOs and kitted projects. 
    Oh, wait! DH & DD#1 think I should put another border on the quilt and so does Spirit who has claimed it so I guess I am putting another border on it.
      Design Walls:

1) Yellow Disappearing Hourglass - I will be demonstrating this at our guild meeting so I need samples of the different versions.
2) Soccer Beauty - a New York Beauty that has been in my UFO pile for years. I will get it to a flimsy and try to make a back for it this month.
     Design Table:
1) I need to add zippers to two hooded sweatshirts.
2) I need to put my teal strips on a sweatshirt.
     Hand Sewing:

1) binding of CAGW.
2) binding on Tom Kat
3) eyes, mouth, nose, whiskers, ball, and mouse with hole embellishments for TK.


  1. Wow! That's a long, long list of To Do's. Good luck with getting it all done.

  2. Your Grand Illusion turned out nicely. Good luck with all your projects this month.