Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Update on Goal

     Lucy is so much better. She is running and fetching and being very active. I am watching her closely and my only concern is she is not eating like she did before the illness. She hasn't pooped in the house since Sunday night and I haven't caught her doing it outside. This has me worried a little bit. 
      DH has fixed the Premier. We spent hours Monday going from place to place until the last possible place on our way home. He was so proud that he did it!
      Tuesday, we went to watch DGS # 7 play his last home game. It was a great game. He nailed his free throws to put them in overtime. The other team won by a few point in the end.
    DD#1 gave me jobs to do by next Thursday. While I was there we cut fabric for two quilts and I picked up a binding. It is a good trade since I get quilting.
     The tape has been removed. Only problem is the tape took some of the paint under it. Next is the top coat to seal the paint. We are thinking about adding red to the top coat. It won't affect the black but should help the lines. Either way I am calling it done. 

1 comment:

  1. What binding Did you pick up. Brown and teal. If so I never notice. Anything else I didn't notice lol