Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Mardi Gras -Updates 2/17/15

1) Tom Kat - Binding is done. Lucy stole eyes and nose so I am stalled there again. Appliqué is not my thing so it may go back to the UFO pile or be called done w/o the embellishments.
2) Soccer Beauty - Block made into flimsy and borders put on. It is in quilting pile.
3) Disappearing Yellow Hourglass - more blocks made. I am getting bored with this project so I need to complete it soon.
4) Sweatshirt to jacket - Both are done.
5) Studio Floor - ready for next step. The studio was used for Marie's party Sunday and there were two sticky spots that need fixing/scrapping/ stripping. DGD#2 suggested to just ignore the biggest spot and cover it with a rug. I am thinking! DH does not like the black squares. He wants me to repaint it solid dark grey. That won't happen. I will put protective covering on it and call it done as far as color goes. I am thinking I will clean the floor that is good and put the protective coat on that part. Then decide what to do with sticky spots which are not as big as two squares. I so want to be in my studio!
6) DH has fixed the Premier. I haven't sewn on it hey b/c projects are bulky and Premier doesn't like bulky.
 7) DD#1 gave me jobs to do by Thursday. I am working on binding and should be finished by Thursday. As for second job, I am stalled. Picking colors for dresses is the hard part not the construction.

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  1. I am working on Mardi Gras. No sewing. I suggest for floor to do whatever is quickest so you can get moved in. You have waited long enough for it. By the way I have a fireplace heater for u for studio