Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday Morning Wonderings 1/24/19

Outside my window... sun rising and 32 degrees outside! 
I am listening to... heater run and birds singing as usual.
One of my favorite things... kisses from my grandchildren and greats.
One of my least favorite things... getting stuck for blood work.
I am missing... going to Barnes and Noble and having late lunch at Olive Garden afterwards.
I am planning... on how to use all the fabric I bought.
I am remembering ... how it felt to have lots of energy.
I am wondering...  how to arrange the living room so machine is more accessible.
I am thinking... this two steps forward and then 2 steps back is getting old.
I am super thankful...  for all the PUSHing people are doing for me.
I am sewing on... nothing!
I am deciding... how to make people understand that I am not giving up. 
My future includes... rehab and rest.
I am hoping...  platelet and white blood counts keep getting better.
I am waiting impatiently... for this current journey to end and a better one to start.
I am always thankful for... the lessons God has taught me on this journey and the people he has brought into my life.  I give Him thanks and praise every day.  
Please keep PUSHing with me! (Praying Until Something Happens)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

DAY 31: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

The last day of 2018! Hopefully, it will be a good day in a bad year. With chemo, radiation,  and finally hip replacement surgery, it has been quite a journey. Not all bad and not all good! It is my sincere hope that 2019 brings more happy days than rough days. I am still PUSHing every day as hard as I can! I thank God for my friends and family every day b/c w/o them I couldn't have survived.
     This morning the nurse came back and checked the surgery area. This evening, DD#3, DGD#4, DGS#8, & DGS#9 worked together to get all the ingredients in the soup pot. Lots of laughing going on in the kitchen! Then DH took over the stirring and pot watching. Tomorrow we will have soup for the New Years.
    2019 already seems better than 2018. Still Pushing. Charlene

Sunday, December 30, 2018

DAY 30: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

     This morning the nurse came and took my vitals. All were acceptable numbers! Then she cleaned the cancer area as best she could. Finally, she watched as DD#4 gave me my blood thinner shot. By then I was pooped! 
     Then around noon, the physical therapist came and evaluated me. He was pleased in how well I could move. He warned me not to stay in my chair all the time; not to move to the point of pain or tiredness b/c with my numbers so low recovery would be extremely slow. He will be back Wednesday to continue.
      Next came DD#3, DGD#4, and DGS#10 (my personal shoppers) with 4 dresses and a sweater to extend my wardrobe that fits. SD#2 was here and they got into a deep conversation about discounts and underwear. DD#3, DGD#4, and DGS#10 left. DD#4's other half came in. He was worrying about me getting in and out car/truck and bed. All his solutions were quite involved and expensive. He and SD#2 got in a discussion about cars which was not to be solved. 
     Then DGS#8 and DGS#9 went out to clean rubbish off back roof. While all this was going on, I tried to take a nap.  This house is seldom quiet!
Still Pushing!  Charlene

Saturday, December 29, 2018

DAY 29: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

No sewing! Just resting and nurse.

CLUE 1:  116    4 patches                             GOAL 120
CLUE 2:    40    HST                                        GOAL 126
CLUE 3:      5    Half Chevrons                       GOAL   50 
CLUE 4:     27   String pieced orange          GOAL   48 
CLUE 5:       0    3 Triangles in a square      GOAL  22 left
                     0     3   Triangles in a square    GOAL 22 right
CLUE 6:      0    Neutral strings 2.5 by 8.5              GOAL 16
                     0  Neutral strings 2 by 8.5          GOAL 36
15 Minute Challenge:  
12/1 - 12/28                    18 of 28 days
    Piecing                        Done
    Prepping/cutting         Done 
December Total              18 of 31 days

  Timewise I have put in more than 500 minutes of prepping, cutting, ironing, and actual sewing. Makes me proud!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

DAY 27: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

     In 68 years I never broke a bone until Christmas Day. Boy Oh Boy! did I do a great job! Hip replacement surgery yesterday morning. Now for the therapy. Since I am in the hospital, there won't be any sewing for awhile.

DAY 26: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

    My hip is broke not cracked! So I have been transferred to Lafayette and will be having a hip replacement operation this morning.
    Surgery went fine!

DAY 25: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

Not a great day! I fell out the bed and cracked my hip.