Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday Morning Wonderings 12/13/18

Outside my window... sun rising and 60 degrees outside! 
I am listening to... heater run and birds singing.
One of my favorite things... visiting with DGD#4 & DGS#10. 
One of my least favorite things... a filthy house. 
I am missing... walking around the block.
I am planning... piecing on BH's Good Fortune. I am behind.
I am remembering ... how it felt to have lots of energy.
I am wondering...  will this Chemo treatment cause problems or will my body take it in stride.
I am thinking... that if I can piece for 15 minutes at s time then I should be able to clean house for 15 minutes a session.
I am super thankful...  for all the PUSHing people are doing for me.
I am sewing on... Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune and gift card holders.
I am deciding... on fabric combinations for BH's next clue. So far we have used neutral, red, blue, and green. All we have left are the two shades of orange. I have lots of orange but don't know if there will be enough contrast.
My future includes... more visits/sew days with DD#1, Chemo, and piecing.
I am hoping...  Chemo goes well with no complications and platelet count stays the same or goes up.
I am waiting impatiently... for this current journey to end and a better one to start.
I am always thankful for... the lessons God has taught me on this journey and the people he has brought into my life.  I give Him thanks and praise every day.  
Please keep PUSHing with me! (Praying Until Something Happens)

DAY 13: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away

     Yesterday after I took my nap, DGD#4 and DGS#10 came for a visit. No piecing at all was done for my 15 minute challenge.  Today is Chemo and that takes all day so there probally won't be piecing today either. Friday, I should be able to put it the time.
So very true!
               15 Minute Challenge:  
12/1 - 12/13                    11 of 13 days
    Piecing                        Done 
    Preping/cutting         Done 
December Total                 11 of 31 days
Still PUSHing and with your help it is working!
Thank you for helping. Charlene 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DAY 12: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

       This morning I have a doctor visit to see if platelets have gone up enough to continue Chemo or if a bone marrow biopsy is needed. Worrying does not help and I know God has this so I am still PUSHing for good results. I will update this post later with results.
Please keep PUSHing with me. Charlene
      My platelet count (87000) was up as were all my blood counts! So Dr. Cole decided to reduce the dose slightly and try Chemo tomorrow. Hopefully, all will go well and no ill effects. I'm still PUSHing!
      I plan on resting a bit and then work on "Good Fortune". Update tomorrow, I am tired and need to rest up for tomorrow.
           15 Minute Challenge:  
12/1 - 12/12                    11 of 12 days
    Piecing                        Done 
    Preping/cutting         Done 
December Total                 11 of 31 days

Thank you for PUSHing with me. Charlene

DAY 11: A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

     Blood work this morning! DD#4 came over and helped me clean and cook. While I have been increasing my activity level, today was low energy. I did piece chevrons for BH's Good Fortune.
     Since I started the challenge, I have managed to work on Good Fortune for 30 minutes each day of December even low energy days. The 10th was a prep day cutting strips, bricks, and squares. I also pieced strip sets. Today I continued piecing bricks and squares for chevrons.
              15 Minute Challenge:  

12/1 - 12/11                     11 of 11 days
    Piecing                        Done 
    Preping/cutting         Done 

December Total                 11 of 31 days

  Still Pushing.

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away! Day 10

       DH is out in this 37 degree weather bringing his daughter to Lafayette. He asked me to go, but NO, too cold. This is Christmas  and New Years' weather!
   After feeling so great on Friday and the weekend, today is a weird health day so I am complying with LeiLei's resting orders. Hoping my platelets are not down again! W/O the Chemo I can not get better, and need treatment while tumor is still shrinking!
LeiLei enforcing rest!
     My 2 cancer doctors don't agree on my restrictions. Less restriction is nice after 11 months of rest! Dr Cole says bed rest and Dr King said I could cook, drive, sew and increase activity level. So I rest when my body says it is tired. I move when activity is satisfying my spirit. My house and family need attention even in 15 minute intervals. Spaghetti with meat sauce is on the menu for lunch/supper.
     The nurse is coming today to check my vitals and for wound care. While waiting for her to arrive, I plan on cutting and piecing more bricks and squares for Good Fortune. Once LeiLei gets warm and let's me up. Bossy Little Dog!
Still Pushing!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Post a Day Keeps the Blues Away! Day 9

Making Mace Rest!
                15 Minute Challenge:  

12/1 - 12/9                     9 of 9 days
    Piecing                        Done 
    Preping/cutting         Done 
December Total                 9 of 31 days

      It is cold for South Louisiana at 39 degrees. So I slept until LeiLei decided to wake me up at 7:30 am. Her sharp barking and squeaky whines got me out of bed. She was cold and ready to snuggle under my lap quilt on the sofa. Bossy little dog! Once she was warm and I finished taking my meds, I worked on more cutting of squares and bricks for Good Fortune
    DD#1 bought a bolt plus 3 yards of 809 Pelon for me to make purses, pouches, and tablet/iPad carriers for her shop. I need my cutting station to cut the large pieces. Guess I am moving into the den again. Big cleaning job ahead of me!

Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards 
Fabric IN for December: 0 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 17 1/6 yards 
Fabric OUT This Week:  1/2 yard
Fabric Out for December: 1 7/12 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 8 4/6 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week:  1/2  yard
Reduction/Enhancement December: 1 7/12 yard
Reduction/Enhancement YTD8 1/2  yards

Saturday, December 8, 2018

BH's Good Fortune v. 4

LeiLei e forcing rest!
Coming along slowly but surely. I would be faster if LeiLei would stop snuggling the minute I sit to take my meds ànd the doctor hadn't put me on "rest!"
CLUE 1:  100 4 patches                GOAL 120

CLUE 2:    40    HST                       GOAL 126
CLUE 3:           Half Chevrons       GOAL 50
CLUE 3 was released Friday morning, 12/7/18 consisting of 100 half chevrons in green and neutral. The 4 patches & HST's will become my leader and enders. Loving my colors and how they play together! I am slow which was why I planned on only doing 12 of each clue at first. Prepping has started and Sunday will be a piecing day!