Note: Neither of these are my original design. 
Spider Web Block
adapted from episode on Simply Quilts in the 90's

1. Cut batting block size + 2"

2. Fussy cut Halloween octagon.

3. Sew strip to one side. Press to strip &
trim even with sides of octagon.
4. Add next strip to adjacent side.
Press and trim.

5. Continue adding strips to sides.
Pressing and trimming.
6. Continue adding rounds.
Various sized strips can be used.
8. Cut square into triangles.

7. Continue adding rounds
until edge of batting.

9. Sew triangles to corners.
10. Add backing & Quilt as desired.

18 piece scrappy Block
 (Pattern from Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence, La.)

1. Cut 18 2.5 by 4.5 rectangles.
2. Sew 2 blocks long sides together;
make 6 pairs sewn short sides together.

4. Sew long pair to each side of the center 4.
3. Use 2 of remaining rectangles to
make 2 set of three.
Sew remaining rectangles to long sides
of double to make center 4.

6. Add a triple to each long side.

5. Add long pair to sides . Press.

You are done!

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