Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Goals

1) Backings! That's the project for March. I need at least 4 backings for completed tops and another 8 for UFOs. So March will be dedicated to BACKINGS! oh, and grandson's t-shirts.
2) Kitted Projects: Disappearing Hour-glass block. Then make those blocks into a table runner, baby quilt and sofa quilt. Red and white 4 patches and paper pieced BH Wild and Goosey as leader and enders.
3) Studio: Seal floor, cover walls, finish painting, and begin moving fabric. Providing weather co-operates. 
4) UFO: Finish Tom Kat face. Also begin closing biscuits on Xavier's quilt. We will be traveling early in March and these will be my sit and sew projects. Bowling Lanes are cold all the time!

Doesn't look like I will have much time for much else in March! Wish me luck.

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