Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It has started!

       The contractor worked all day in the back area. walls were removed and ceilings triple braced and quickly three very dark and small rooms became one large room with lots of light. Then the 25 year old, cheap, press board panelling was removed from the walls. He also cleaned a room off the area and the mess all before 3pm.
       Thursday, he is planning on putting up the ceiling in one area, running the electrical wires and plugs, putting in 2 eight foot florencent lights, and begin working on putting in insulation. Friday, he plans on finishing the job including 4 locking doors. I will sweep and mop the floor on Saturday and Sunday making the floors super clean.
        Then all I have to do is the ceiling (which may never get done since I don't climb or paint over my head - any volunteers - I'll pay with fabric from my stash), put flannel on the walls,  and paint the floor. My plans for the floor depend a lot on the weather between now and New Years.  
       First, I plan on gridding the floor with painters tape - a day or two. After that comes a coat of black paint with flicks of different colors which should take at least a week unless DD#'s 1 & 4 & DGD#'s 2 & 5 or a combination decide to speed the process. Last, a coat of protective gloss goes down which will take several days to cure. I plan to put only one coat because by then the weather should be cold again with another planned for summer. While the floor is being done, I will start putting the flannel on the walls and base boards. Every inside wall will be a design wall! That should help my Quilter's ADD or make it worse.
      I am excited! I have waited for over 15 years to be able to use this space. So I plan on taking my time before I move machines and fabric into it. I want it completely done except those ceilings before I move anything in. It will be hard but I can do it! Well, I will try hard.

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  1. oh man! I am so excited....and a bit jealous......I hope you have accommodations for me, for a year or two stay!