Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I made it! Maybe!

It has been a very interesting 3 weeks to say the least.
First week went ok. I made Marie a dress and finished my 3rd block.
Second week was ok too. We took Spirit, Renee, and Marie to Kinder for 4 days. We swam everyday. We knew that Spirit was fearless in the water, but we found out that Marie is also fearless. She would put her little arms up and out and walk until the water would hit her face, turn around, grab the nearest adult, and float. She loves the water! Just not the bathtub.
On the Tuesday, I began feeling bad and started drinking lots of water and little else. Wednesday we went home. I was feeling better just tired. Thursday, I was just fine or so I thought! Friday, I started having the chills and fever. By 9pm I got Stelly to take me to the hospital thinking they would treat the fever and send me home.
Boy, was I wrong! I ended up staying in the hospital until Wednesday. Seems I got a bacteria infection in both kidneys and my blood stream. My fever stayed over 103 even with the meds. I was very sick...when I get sick, I do it right! Sunday was the turning point. The fever broke and I decided to fight b/c I had fantastic nurses and doctors fighting for me. I gave it to Jesus and started climbing out of that fever hell I was in.
It was all uphill from then.
I got out of the hospital on Wednesday mainly because my doctor knows that I get better quicker when home. This Wednesday I go to the doctor to see if the bacteria has given up with all the meds I am taking. Hopefully, it has.
Now for the good news.
1) My Quest is home and sewing like a dream.
2) He brought home a Smart Phaff friend.
3) I am sewing again. Short periods of time but sewing.
4) Renee has gotten the quilting bug.
Life is GOOD!
Tomorrow will bring more strength and good news.

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  1. OMG! I wondered where you were, I nevr thought you were fighting for your life!

    i am so glad you won and are feeling better.