Monday, July 27, 2015

Design Wall 7-27-2015

Block 7

What am I working on? 
All 6
This week I will be trying to finish block 7 of the Krotz Springs BOM and possibly get ahead by working on block 8.

Wanda's Green Zebra
Cheryl's binding
  Then I plan on working on those outfits for Marie with the little purse to go with them. 
   In between just to keep the machine warm, I will work on finishing Wanda's Green Zebra top and put the binding on Cheryl's quilt.
   At work, I am finishing the memory quilt. I have to redo the block someone else made that is too too small but it did show me how to do the block. I am also doing handwork on a  project started by a lady in 1987. Sewn by hand and then quilted by hand! Completed by my hurting hands - I stopped hand quilting years ago because it causes my hands and joints to be very painful. It isn't hurting as much...guess I got use to the pain over the years. LOL
  Yesterday afternoon I found that my little chest type freezer had been unplugged and everything in it had thawed. I lost lots of soup. So this morning I cleaned out all the food stuff in it and bagged it most up. Ama and Lucy got a bag of soup each. Funny part is that it is now working again. But I must say it was time to clean it b/c we had wild hog meat from 2005.
Well, I am off to start the week. Cheryl and Sarah are not coming today b/c Cheryl's AC went out and she has to wait for the repair person. I am going to miss our hen party but it seems to be for the best.


  1. I love the Krotz Springs blocks! I hope I see how you progress with the quilt.


  2. I thought Cheryl's quilt was finished