Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stash Report March 20

Fabric In: 3.5 yards (5 fat quarters + scrap bundle)
Fabric In for March: 10 yards
Fabric Out:  11 yards (5 bonnets(2 yards) +2 double blankets(5 yards) + 4 yards at yard sale )
Fabric Out for March: 22 3/4 yards
March Stash Reduction:  12 3/4 yards
Fabric In YTD:  33 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 38 9/12 yards
YTD Stash Reduction: 5 7/12 yards.
 Saturday was miserable! It was cold, wet, and windy. Yet, DD#4 and I had a blast. We made 6 new friends and sold enough to pay for our  booth, tent, food, drink, purchases from other vendors and have enough for entrance fees for another show.  We learned what we needed to bring besides our sale items i.e. business cards, item signs, sign telling who we are and what we do, and we also learned the best way to set up appealing tables. Yes, indeedy, it was a learning experience.
   I think we would have sold more if the weather would have been more spring like and less winter like. As I told DD#4, the yard sale/bargain hunters were out, but the crafty people were inside where it was warm and cozy. This was the opinion of most vendors who were selling crafts.
      The 6 vendors in our lot helped each other as needed during that wet, windy, and cold day. We chased each others good when the wind took them; got angry when thieves hit; put up and took down tents; shared advice; and just generally played by the Cajun way of being good neighbors. The lady on our left side sold the most interesting yard sale items which we explored and took a few  home. The two ladies opposite her sold a mixture of clothes and bows. They were extremely busy! The one next to them sold dishes and glassware where the thieves hit. I stayed away from her b/c she had the most amazing mugs and bowls. Those were the three yard sale people.
Nay's Created With Stitches booth
  We made friends with the French lady across from us who loves plants and wild flowers. I bought one of her gourds with an ivy planted in it.  She was very knowledgeable! She also sold elaborate dog collars but my dogs would have torn them off. She did not have protection from the weather and her things were flying with the wind.
   The mother and daughter team next to us reminded me of DD#4 and myself only the mom does this as her extra money source on a regular basis. They sold homemade jellies and amazing okra items and explained to us how to join the craft vendor cycle. Great pair! 
   Friday, I got fired from J&B again which is truly funny since I didn't realize I still was consider an employee not an hour by hour contractor. I consider myself part of Nay's Created With Stitches who is often contracted by J&B to piece at their shop. By the way, I truly dislike that arrangement b/c I prefer to work in my own studio especially when I have to bring my own tools!
   A lady came in to asking if someone could complete a t-shirt quilt someone else started before May 15th. It was a mess! I was there b/c I had contracted to work on another t-shirt quilt also needed by May 15th. J&B had a back log of quilts to be quilted so the probability of both being ready were slim.
   Since I wasn't on J&B's clock yet, I offered to contract Jessica's quilt. Being honest I told Belinda when she came in, and she fired me once again. Admittedly, I was wrong, but my heart/motive was pure. Jessica and I should have conducted business outside the shop. Jessica cleared up Belinda's objections by signing a paper stating that I alone was responsible for the undertaking. Belinda rehired me to finish the interfacing of the first set of t-shirts or I think she did. After that who knows! It will all turn out to the best.
  Saturday, one lady asked me about finishing quilts that her grandmother had started. She had taken the blocks to J&B, but wanted a third choice. Her second choice was an employee at J&B who secretly contracts w/o Belinda's knowledge. Being professional, I did not offer to do the job nor did I speak ill of J&B or the employee. I have a clear conscience about how I handle things with J&B and Belinda!
   However, it is time to go all in with Nay's Created With Stiches or quit the dream. Honestly, I am not ready to give up the dream!
Lator Gators! Time for church. When I get home, I will be working on t-shirts and mindless sewing. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
BOM = Block of Month
UFO = Unfinished Object
WIP = work in progress
PIGS = project in grocery sack
PIT = project in tote    
PIW = project in waiting
USO = UnStarted Object
WHIM = work hidden in (my) mind


  1. It looks like a fun table, and I'm glad you did well. It also sounds you like you might have done a better job being the person you want to be than I did during the week. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Joy, I tried hard to treat other like I want to be treated. But those that know my 'turtle' ways would have known how mad I truly was. My tongue was sore on Saturday! This week will be great and I hope yours will be too

  2. Oh Lordy.....So did the lady get someone to do her quilt?

  3. So sorry the sale was so stressful for you and your daughter. I learned much about marketing/merchandising when I was a sutler/vendor at Civil War reenactments. Not only do you have to deal with the elements but also the sticky cotton candy fingers of kids who want to touch everything! I hope you will have time this week to regroup and work on some of your own stuff.