Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Thursday Morning

Outside my window ...Mist/fog and Lilly barking and banging on door wanting to come back inside.
I am thinking... it is too early to be up but Saturday at this time I will be in Sunset ready to sell the items we have.
I am thankful... for my health.
I am trying to remember... all I need to bring for Saturday.
3-6 month button bonnet
I am listening to... my phone ping.
I am going... go into the studio to finish items-baby blanket and another bonnet, and do some mindless sewing - Reva Blocks.
I am hoping...there is no rain on Saturday but I am preparing for it to do so. We got a tent to protect us and a couple of plastic tablecloths to protect our items.
I am looking forward to... Sunday! It will be the start of a new sewing cycle. This time sewing to get ready for the Krotz Springs' Quilt Show and the OGH Craft Show. DD#4 and I are trying to decide if we want to do the KS Quilt Show.
One of my favorite things... being amazed by the thoughtfulness of my grandchildren. DGS#9 came to the house yesterday and cut my back yard. All he wanted when he was done was a hug. I gave him a trip to the store to buy drink and $10 with a promise of a haircut on Thursday.

0-3 month Button Bonnet
I am wondering... what Saturday will bring. What will be popular and what will sit. Will this venture be profitable or a bust? Either way, DD#4 and I had a blast making baby items.
I get ready for my grandson's wedding on the 28th. Spirit and I have to go get dresses an shoes to wear. Guess I need to get my hair done too.
I am sorry... that I can't call/text some of my friends b/c I don't have their numbers since my phone died unexpectedly.
                         Just thoughts and wonderings

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  1. Wedding is on 26th. If you show up on 28th you will miss it lol