Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 4-Quiltalong with Judy L.- Progress Report

Updates as projects are done - Stay tuned!
Day 4 - Sunday
  Today's plan is to actually work on sunflower top and iron BH's leader/ender green rounds. I also need to kit more sets of neutral quarter square triangles. First, we have church, lunch, and grocery shopping not to mention fixing DD#4's water pipes so I probably won't be piecing until late afternoon or Tuesday with Cheryl. It is still too cold in den to be comfotable!
Day 3: Saturday
   2pm - DH needs to go to Lowe's for supplies to fix water leak. It has been leaking for quite some time. He had decided that it was the icebox tray while I said it was the hose to the ice maker we don't have anymore. It was the copper tubing. Then when we get to Lowe's he had to argue about what size pipe - a piecer knows a 1/4"! At around 5:30 we start fixing it - I love him but he is so disorganized! 
  Finally, I started supper - oven baked chicken and sweet potato fries in the oven with maple dipping sauce. Chicken was perfect but I scorched fries. They were good but not right so I will try again later.
  We ate and then it was time to bring DD#4 to work. Thus ended my day! 
 12noon - Good progress made! Layered table runner, kitted & pieced first halves of quarter square triangles, cut scraps, and got BH Leader/Ender quilt ready for the ironing board. Now to make hot cheese sandwiches for Spirit and my lunch - Chris is still sleeping.
  9am - Today's plan is to layer table runner, cut & kit sunflower quilt squares, wedding quilt squares, BH's neutral leader/enders  and bring order to chaos in den by cutting scraps and rearranging àres. Also possibly piecing a few BH's neutral leader/enders and sunflower quilt rows. I may even venture into the studio to find the binding for Green Zebra. Lots of plans that may happen since it is 24 outside with ice flurries and DH doesn't travel well in the cold. Strange weather for South Louisiana!
Day 2: Friday
Runner on large ironing board
Large cutting table
  4:45pm - Sewed the last 3 sides to runner. Then went into studio and retrieved large ironing board and large cutting table. Now I have to bring order to the chaos in that room. So probably no piecing this afternoon either but for me the choice is clear, I am truly tired of piecing amidist chaos!
  2:45pm - I went into the den and managed to piece 3 parts of the 6 needed for the border before DH reminded me that we had a funeral to attend and we were late. After the funeral, we came home since the weather turned icy. I cooked lunch for the family and cleared a space in the den but it got supper cold in there. You can either use the iron or run the heater in that room so not much piecing was done. Oh, how I miss my studio! Turning the heater on so the room will warm up then I will go back and try again! The good news is that DH contacted people to start working on ceiling so I may be back in studio soon.
  10:15am- Writing done and ready for posting so it is time for piecing mode.  
  8am-Back home and time to drink coffee and read blogs. My favorite time of day! Also thinking and planning lunch for DH, DGS#9, and DGD#5. I am thinking oven baked crunchy chicken legs. Fairly easy and quick leaving lots of time for piecing. (I need to unpack the Instant Pot DH gave us for Christmas.) I plan on finishing reading blogs and then write this post.
  5:30am-DH woke me up to go get DD#4 -an hour too early! When I left at 6:30am to pick DD#4 up, the temperature was 37 which is quite a bit cooler than the 73 from Thursday. It got colder as the morning progressed and was 33 by the time I got home! Too cold for South Louisiana- this is usually end of January and beginning of February weather. 
   Cheryl and I had planned to sew together today, but I am not getting out unless absolutely necessary so we will probably extend our quiltalong to next week.
Day 1: Thursday
   6:30am-I slept late since i didnt have to pick up DD#4. When I got home, I began ripping the border from my FMQ project - Red Pepper table runner (RPtr) while I drank my morning coffee. DH surprised me at 8am by getting up ready to hit the town with errands. 
  11:30am - We finish all the errands including grocery shopping, when what to my wondering ears, DD#4 called to invite us to lunch and margaritas. So we went save groceries, picked her up, and went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant. As we walked in, our favorite waitress greeted us with hugs and surprises. I now have an UFO to finish -her wedding quilt and a new project-a baby quilt!
  2:30pm - Lunch done and now time for a nap. Margaritas are wonderful but make me want to sleep! 
  4:30pm - I woke up feeling rather wonky - I guess my meds don't like margaritas. So I rested awhile on the sofa until it was time to fix supper. Baked pork chops and pork 'n beans w/o the pork were on the menu. While they were cooking, I cut the pieces I needed for replacement border.
  7:30pm-Supper cooked, enjoyed,and most of the dishes done. Weather is changing so my head ia aching. DD#4 walks in asking to be brought to work in Carencro,  UGH! Thankfully DGS#9 volunteered to drive. Since it will be his first time driving that far in the dark, I rode with him as navigator. He is a very good driver outside of Lewisburg - inside not so much! He experienced another first-driving in the rain on a very dark night. 
  9:30pm-More meds and Bedtime! Hopefully, headache will ease up after I apply Vicks to my nose.


  1. You are very busy! I can't see my way through the boxes in my studio to Quilt a long this month but hope to join in next month!