Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Catgories for January/Design Wall

January Goals:
Something Old - Binding Tool Blue Star (JL UFO #3) - next step is to kit it up. Blue strips cut in pairs with binding tool and black squares in 3 sizes 9, 8.5, & 2.5. Then time to piece!
Something New - Binding Tool Mardi Gras table runner - fabric has been collected and boxed. Next step is to kit it up by cuttting pieces in pairs and Mardi Gras squares in 3 sizes.
Handwork - binding on Green Zebra and Red/Black Wanda (APQ UFO #6) - binding is made for GZ just need to machine Sew binding on and do hand binding. R/B W is still at DD#1.
FMQ - practice piece and Binding Tool Red Pepper table runner - I have to rip the border off the RPtr b/c fabric rippled for some odd reason. Once that is done, I will prepare it for FMQ. This will be an adventure.
Lator Gators. I'm off to rip!


  1. I think you are going to be very busy this month! Good Luck! I can't wait to see them finished.

  2. A good list of projects for January. Good luck!