Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

This first day of May has been a very good day. I picked up the next set of blocks in my Be There or Be Square BOM and ordered the finishing kit for it. I also picked up a square to fix April's 9" block.

Then we spent the day at Dee's with Billie, Brian, Renee, Dee, Brian's mom, his 2 sisters and their husbands, and Niki and her 2 friends. Oh, and my ex and his wife came with Sammie. The BarBQue was excellent as was the company for the most part. The things you can learn if you keep quiet and smile!

I began handwork on skulls binding. I am proud of myself: I went to QC and did not buy any fabric although I did see a kit I wanted. I came to this tuperware party and only bought for $ 30. All and all I didn't spend much money.

Now I am getting ready to continue sewing and just rest. Last night and this morning I was not feeling well again with the hitch in my left side(gall bladder) and my legs are swollen. I am glad that doctor appointment is soon.

Tomorrow is Sunday so Lator, Gators. Have a blessed night and a fantastic Sunday.

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