Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday

This morning when I went out side, I found a present waiting for me. Years ago, my daughter gave me a rose for Mother's Day. Today it is the same size as it was then and looks like it is ready to die, but every once in a while when I seem to need encouragement, it blooms. I know that there was not a bud on that stem nor a rose yesterday but there it was today.

Today is Works in Progress (WIP) Wednesday. Today I am working on my dresden plates in blacks & whites with a yellow background. the center will be red, black and white. I have been sewing the blades together and making the fans. Each set of blades is handsewn on the background. I am not comfortable doing it with invisible thread on my sewing machine. One day I am going to have to ask for help on that process.

My second WIP is a powerpoint presentation for a program I will be giving at both my guilds in August on Labels. It will cover the WHY, WHERE, and HOW of labeling. I hope it goes well.

Tomorrow and Friday I am going with my 3rd daughter to make curtain etc for her classroom. It is a sacrafice since I would rather be sewing those days with Judy L.

Lator Gators, Let me know how you feel about labeling your quilts and how you do it.

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