Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11th NaBloPoMo

Must-do list...(1)complete lotto blocks for QGA; (2) complete embroidery on teacher shirts (due Wednesday Progress: 1/2 done); (3) complete dresden plates (due by December 1st Progress: 1/3 done); (4) complete Saints Stars (due December 15th Progress: 3/5 done); (5) complete DD#2's graduation quilt (due December 19th-25th Progress: 1/4 done)
accomplished Wednesday...Yesterday was full as a tick ready to pop! I sewed on Dresden plate. We planted grass on half of the cleared area at the farm. We found car for DGD#2(Kristin). DD#4 got her van up and running. 
i am thankful for...Pape's service to our country for 25 years...with most of it in combat. 
outside my is still quiet and dark
i am angels worked overtime this week.
i am wearing...night clothes
i am brother and Aunt Ruthie. I really miss his belly laugh and her creative thinking.
i am listening to...dogs and Pape(DH) snoring.
i am KSG meeting today and will get boudin & cracklins while in KS. Those are the best treat. Tonight going to listen to DGD#1's choir sing.
i am currently reading...blogs and new quilt magazine.
i am hoping... Mr. Kenneth comes fix furnace before it gets under 45 & DD#4's van stays running until her car is fixed.
i am looking forward to...eventually cleaning and straightening my studio. It is so disorganized that even I can't find what I need in it. Up-side to that is I keep finding surprises that I forgot I bought. LOL But until my list of must-do's is complete, it will remain a rat's nest.
one of my favorite things...knowing my DDs are safe and as happy as they allow themselves to be.
my mood...calmer with more acceptance of Murphy's law.
 Lator Gators! Have a blessed day.

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