Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov. 4th NaBloPoMo

outside my window...the north wind is blowing.
i am thinking...Houston is only one night away.
i am thankful for...all that I have been granted by the Lord.
i am wearing...sweat pants and sweatshirt - my favorite attire.
i am to bind a quilt.
i am listening to...neighbors' dogs barking.
i am Houston on Friday and can't wait.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping... I will finish Saints Stars soon.
i am looking forward to...using my Babylock to embroidery samples of quilting designs. 
one of my favorite things...getting up early and enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet.
my mood...still sad but climbing my way out of that ditch b/c Houston is only one night away. 
Lator,Gators. Have a blessed day.

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