Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov. 9th NaBloPoMo

i am thankful for...all that I have been granted by the Lord - my health(not perfect but not awful),my husband(still with me and moving), my children(pains but pleasures too), my grandchildren (provide enough laughter & love to keep me going), and personal wealth(not alot but enough to supply my needs & support my fabric habit most months although things  will be a bit tight until February.)
outside my window...the neighbors are cutting the grass and winterizing their yards.
i am thinking...angels appear when you least expect it if you believe they will. DD#4's car is broke and she has been frantic looking for someone to bring it to the mechanic w/o luck. Today an angel called out of the blue and offered to do it.
i am wearing...sweat pants and sweatshirt - my favorite attire.
i am remembering...my brother.
i am listening to...zydeco and the lawn mowers.
i am going...to install EQ7 on this machine.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping... DD#4 gets her car fixed soon so she will stop stressing and being depressed.
i am looking forward to...listening to my DGD sing on Thursday. 
one of my favorite things...my granddaughters' laughs and giggles.
my mood...getting calmer inside -2 steps forward and only 1/2 backwards. Soon it will be all forward! 
 Pape needs a third hand. He is trying old mechanic tricks on DD#4's car and charging battery to van. I wonder when he will decided to work on my element.
Lator Gators! Have a blessed day.

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