Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23

must-do list...(3)complete dresden plates(due by December 5th Progress: 2/3 done );(4)complete lotto blocks for KSG(due Dec 9th)(5) complete Saints Stars(due December 15th Progress: 3/5 done);(6) complete DD#2's graduation quilt (due December 19th-25th Progress: 1/4 done) (8) organize scraps into useable pieces. (9) clean and rearrange studio - I can't find a thing.(1)complete QGA lotto blocks (2) complete embroidery on teacher shirts; (7)put binding and label on charity quilt 2. (links to each completed project)
Accomplished on Monday...made pillowcase with soccer theme; finished two rows of dresden plates; washed and dried 3 loads of clothes; and bowled a 500 series. 
outside my window...rain drops
i am thinking...life is strange sometimes because time passes quickly because I am easily distracted and lose focus or because I focus so strongly that nothing else matters.
i am thankful for...all that I have been granted by the Lord and the fact that my DGD#2 has a legal car.
i am remembering... DGS #5 Bday....I made this 18 year old a pillowcase. Corny, I know but it just screamed at me DJ DJ DJ. So I bought and made it. Wow, just remembered that I have 10 DGSs.
i am listening to...rain drops hitting our tin roof. Great sound!
i am going...to San Antonio sometime this week -I think. As of right now we are leaving on Wednesday and coming back on Saturday or Sunday but plans change by the minute.
i am currently reading...blogs
i am hoping... I will finish my quilt on time.
i am looking forward to...seeing how much my DGSs #1 & #5 have changed since I last saw them. 
Lator,Gators. Have a blessed day.

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