Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26 Black Friday

Accomplished Thursday...cut ten sets of ten pairs of black & white fabric; visited with DGSs; visited with Lynne's inlaws & ex; ate lunch/supper with Nadene & Sky with lots of folks I didn't know popping in for food; watched Saints try to give game away but Cowboys didn't want it; laugh at Pape going to midnight sale w/Lynne; and slept in 50 degrees under DD#1's quilt(I was snug as bug!)

Thanksgivings was indeed an unique experience filled with sounds, sights, and tastes that were strange to me. Best part was being referred to as mom by Lynne.

I am now a great-grand mother! Felicia & Trey got a large dog to see if they could handle the responsiblity of another life. Truthfully, I think Lynne is enjoying her grand-dog way too much. Felicia is away visiting family but grandma Lynne won't let Trey take Jack home. I wonder what will happen with a baby--thinking spoilt DGC.

We are on the road heading home. Weather forecast was temps below 30 and the furance wasn't working. So Pape cut our visit short!
Well, gators, this phone and I don't do well with blogging so have a safe evening. Lator!!!
Update: Made it home! 

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