Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Present

 My second daughter took my old broken frame - It would open and flap-  put the frame back together, cleaned it, and then painted it black. Finally added gold highlights. Then she matted the picture and had a glass cut for it.
Didn't she do a fantastic job? 
It makes me cry b/c I am so proud of my brother for making that print from an old photo and so proud of her for making it such a fantastic piece of art. That frame was found by my father, the man with the silly hat, in an old abandoned house. The picture was taken when I was 5 and my brother 3 and then reprinted by my brother as a teen. So the frame and original picture are over 55 years old and this copy is over 45 years old. It is very special to me!
She gave it back to me on Christmas Eve and was the best present in the world. A labor of love and time!
Lator Gators. I hope your memories are as strong and your children as loving as my daughter.

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