Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Week 6 1-31-11

Design Wall:
GSQA Black&White 
This is a hand-work week so there is nothing but lotto blocks up on my wall. 
Mardi Gras Snail trail
Lotto blocks: 
1) Snail trail in Mardi Gras colors (2)
2) Black & White Arrowhead block for GSQA
3) Secret Sister blocks for QGA (12)
4) Block Swap block - mystery to all

QGA Secret Sister
Bindings to complete:  (link to pictures)
1) Spirit's Frogs 
2) Orange Tom Cat
3) Palmetto (hopefully back on Tuesday)
4) Saints' Star Season (border & binding)
My plan is to work on binding and when I get bored tired, I will work on the lotto blocks. That doesn't mean that it will be carried out but here's hoping.
Lator Gators - Keep 2011 Stress Free! May all the fabric you need for your projects appear in your stash.


  1. Have fun with all those blocks and binding. I love doing binding.

  2. Wow you have a lot of bindings to do. At least you can stay warm under the quilts while binding them.