Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stash Report week 7 2011

Stash Report
Fabric Added this Week:     0       yards
Fabric Added in February:   3.25  yards  
Fabric Added YTD:            9.06  yards     

Fabric Used this Week:      8.25 yards given/used 
 3      yards-Pink backing for Paisley Pond  (Spirit's Quilt)
 0.75 yards-binding for Paisley Pond (Spirit's Quilt)
 2     yards-panels given to DD
 1     yard- backing given to DD
 1     yard- baby blocks given to DD
 0.5 ABC panel to DD
Fabric Used in February:   10.015 yards left stash 
Fabric Used YTD:             17.31 yards
Fabric Enhancement/Reduction:  8.25 yards    

I spent the week working on bindings and tending to personal business (bowling in the LA Women's State Bowling Tournament), doctor visits (Pape), and other people's personal business (stupidity) which kept me from sewing. I bound 1 charity quilt, Paisley Pond (Spirit's Quilt), and Dottie's Blue Mountains.  I will be working on binding quilts this week too; getting ready for a workshop on one fabric quilts on the 21st; and preparing for a presentation at Quilters Guild of Acadiene. 
Saturday DD & I went to a workshop that taught 2 techniques and 2 projects. We learned to make a dimensional 5 patch block; how to make a book cover for any size notebook or book complete with tab and bookmark; how to make a purse out of a tie and a fat quarter; and how to make and enlarge the Arrowhead block. Tips were flying around the room and the amount of learning was amazing. All in all it was a good workshop!  
Well, you may not want to read further since I really  need to vent.
Lator Gators....Remember to visit Judy L's site to see more stash reports. 
Now for a little venting: I have one great prejudice that is not based on color or religion or sexual preference none of which bother me in the least. My prejudice is based on handling one's business as effectively as possible. This is brought out by students who don't tend to getting the best education they can and then expect to succeed; by parents who don't tend to the needs of their children and then get furious when an outside agency comes in; by adults who don't tend to their bills and are surprised that it means jail; etc. It never fails that someone else has to pay a price for cleaning up the mess these people make while the person sash-shays around acting like every thing is right with the world. They don't seem to know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. To me this shows a lack of responsibility but more than that it shows a lack of respect for the people who have to pay the physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually cost of cleaning up the mess.  This really burn my derrière -makes me want to scream and attack with a very large baseball bat which is a great deal coming from a person who hates confrontation. 
Thanks for allowing me to vent. I now feel better and can again count my blessings and see all those around me who are tending to their business in the best way they can. I guess my grandpa was right when he said that the squeaky tractor wheel got his attention first and then he looked at those quietly doing their job. I need to start praising those in my life who do tend to their business and not stress over the one or two who don't!!! 
Lator Gators! Keep 2011 Stress Free and may the fabric you need find its way into your stash w/o an enhancement. ;)


  1. Good vent! And I agree 100%!

    Your totals are awesome! It sounds like the workshop was time well spent, and was a lot of fun!

  2. I also agree that biggest problem this country has is that so many people don't take responsibiliy for their actions.

  3. You make good points, ones that I agree with wholeheartedly. bottom line is, we (parents) have to be the ones to teach our children how to be responsible, curteous, etc. Problem is, I see far too many parents who don't know the first thing about those things. Which, once again, leaves us with the thought that you should need some sort of 'license' to have a child.

  4. I hope this week goes better for you. And I agree with your vent.