Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stash Report Week 8 2011

      Last Sunday, Pape and I took a trip to Fort Polk to watch his Travel League team bowl. Pape fell a couple of times in late January and sprained his ankle. He hasn't been able to walk or bowl properly since which makes him unhappy and he caught a bad cold. An unhappy sick Pape makes for an unhappy Charlene.
     It has been a busy week. So busy that I lost track of what I actually did or didn't do. I know I went to a board meeting on Tuesday; Wednesday I picked up a puppy and my granddaughter; a guild meeting on Thursday; supper with friends on Friday; and sew day with QGA on Saturday. In-between all the running, I worked on binding quilts, making lotto blocks, and making magic 5 patches for a guild presentation this week. This next week I have to bring grand-daughter to doctor(Tuesday or Wednesday); guild workshop on 1 wonderful fabric quilts(Monday); guild meeting with 2 presentations(Tuesday morning & night); and a 3 day trip to North Louisiana with DD#1(Thursday, Friday, & Saturday).  I have come to realize that I can only handle 1 or 2 events per week, but life seems to pile my plate full most days. I thought retirement meant more time to sew but I am finding out that it is just as hectic as when I was working.
Stash Report Week 8

Fabric Added this Week:     8.5       yards
8.5 yards of Halloween border fabric on sale for One-wonderful fabric quilt
Fabric Added in February:   11.75  yards  
Fabric Added YTD:            17.56  yards     

Fabric Used this Week:      12.75 yards given/used 
2.25 yards for Magic 5 patch 16"
2.5   yards for backing of M5 
1.25 Pre-quilted panel w/binding Charity Quilt for National Quilt Day Celebration
4.25 yards of scraps to guild - probably more - scrap bin went from bulging over top to about quarter full
2.5 yards pillowcase (2) for NQD
Fabric Used in February:   22.765 yards left stash 

Fabric Used YTD:             30.06 yards
Fabric Enhancement/Reduction 12.5 yard
I love being in the black!!!

Beautiful tree block 
sweet basket
Yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail. My block swap partner, Bren, sent me not 1 but two wonderful blocks. My swap partners have been fantastic. All are blocks that I have never attempted so you know what I plan on doing soon.

Well, lator Gators. May the fabric you need appear in your stash without your knowledge or addition to your stash report. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. The bad thing about being retired and at home is that everyone seems you have nothing to do all day so they ask you to do all their stuff too. Good luck with your plans for the coming week.

  2. You are in the black - great job on your stash report.