Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall Week 11 2011

My design wall still has DJ's quilt on it. I had planned to sew on the blocks but life's little gifts got in the way. I was given a small puppy earlier in the week. He is suppose to be a pure white pug but... He will let me sit and hand sew so I have completed the binding on Palmetto and now I just have to make the label and I am done. But the problem is that if we aren't in the sewing studio with him securely under the quilt in my lap then he is in my arms. Right now he is sleeping propped up on my wrist and the wrist guard of my computer keyboard. 
I do have goals for this next week:
1) Make the block for the Bee swap.
2) Make the block for the block swap.
3)Put the borders on my quilt made from border fabric.
4) Work on the binding of Donovan's quilt.
5) Quilt Charity quilt as summer quilt with flannel.
Well, Lator Gators. May the fabric you need appear effortless in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE. 


  1. Oh he is so cute thoush - he looks very tiny! Good luck getting all your goals done!

  2. Cute baby! He certainly looks tiny. Good luck on your goals this week, you have inspired me with mine. Those blocks on your design wall are gorgeous, are you paper piecing them?

  3. You just couldn't say 'no' to that face. And I'm sure he is a big help with your hand sewing

  4. Terrific blocks. Lots of goals. Good Luck!