Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stash Report Sunday week 11

This week has been an interesting week. I have learned/confirmed quite a bit about myself.
1) I should never sew when I am worrying about something. I tend not to read clearly and make huge mistakes. I was worrying about my grandson in Japan and sewed on my Bee Swap Block. I did not understand/read that there was a focus fabric. I love the block but ... Well, we shall see.
2) When I am stressed, I love to sew but forget things. I had a sew day on Saturday and was to demonstrate the Go but forgot it at home. So I demonstrated how to do the Magic 5 Patch block on a large scale to make a baby quilt or a table topper and then the ladies gave me a list to bring to the next Sew Saturday: Go; Border fabric quilt book; potato bag directions; and a couple of others that I wrote down in my book.
Stash Report
Fabric Added this week:    0.75 yards
     3 fat quarters for DJ's graduation quilt
Fabric Added in March:     0.75 yards
Fabric Added YTD:      18.31 yards
Fabric Used this Week:       .5   yards
    .25 yards used on Bee Blocks
     .25 yards gifted to friend
Fabric Used in March:     11.25
Fabric Used YTD:         55.06

Enhancement/Reduction: 36.75 Yards


  1. Wow, 55 yards out and it's only March. Pretty impressive.

    I hope the family has heard from your grandson and that all is well.

  2. Hope your grandson is ok. My DD heard on facebook from two people she knows over there and both were fine (in the Tokyo area).

  3. I sincerely hope that you have heard that your grandson is safe! Even with the overisght your block is beautiful.