Thursday, April 14, 2011

Full Moon =Drama King and Queen Making their Appearance AGAIN

Full Moon brings out crazy behavior!
   We got the taxes ready but the accountant wasn't there so we went have lunch and picked up Lilly from the vet. She is on heart worm treatment and needs special care aka spoiling. Then we came home to wait for grandchildren. They arrived as did son's girlfriend. She washed and hung a load of clothes. Then she and I took a walk with two of the grandchildren on their bikes. The walk was brisk and wonderful. Then Moon Madness struck!
   When we got back to the house, the Drama Queen had started a drama and the Drama King took up the slack. All of this happening in front of 4 of my grandchildren. I politely asked the Drama Queen to go to her own house and the Drama King to go to his. She refused and he escalated the drama by yelling at everyone and accusing everyone of cavorting with the enemy including the children.  By this time I had enough and turned my back on the whole situation and helped my husband back the camper up into its spot so we could plug it in to charge the generator batteries. It seems the drama started when DH refused to let the Drama King do the backing. Drama Queen added fuel to the fire making a mountain out of a pimple.
   Drama Queen and King continued the drama until Drama King said words to DH that he repeated back. Then Drama King stormed off declaring that he was leaving for North Dakota immediately and that no one cared using curse language that was offensive to me especially since it was in front of my grandchildren. By then I had had enough. I told Drama Queen not to come to our home in the afternoons and her father seconded that idea. Hopefully, she will do just that. She also got upset and went home. 
  This is one King and Queen that can not be in the same place at the same time. Tomorrow is another day of the full moon so there is no telling what the King and Queen will pull. It will be interesting for certain and I hope I can keep from getting angry and telling them both to go jump in a bayou to cool off or worse. 
  DH and I have declared our house a NEUTRAL ZONE and if that doesn't work then I will go to WAR on DRAMA and declare it a NO MAN'S/WOMAN'S LAND. I really don't think either the King or Queen want that b/c I really think they enjoy their little dramas.
     We were thinking of leaving on Friday since it is our anniversary and I have a GSQA meeting on Saturday in Long Beach, Ms. Now we are definitely leaving that day providing we get our taxes to the accountant. Then the King and Queen will have no one to see their performance and hopefully that will stop the drama in its tracks.
Lator Gators. It is quiet now and I am going rest my nerves. DH is at the local casino resting his and calming down. Thanks for letting me vent! This surely lets me keep stress at bay.
May the fabric you want appear painlessly in your stash. Trying to keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. they just want your attention and don't know how to get it? so sorry you are having to deal with all that.