Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Plans for this week are:
1) Make 5 potato bags -2 for DSD#1; 2 for pay; 1 for friend.(Update:Made 3 out of 5. Delivering 2 for pay to DD#1 and one for friend today.)
2) Cut scraps into usable pieces. (Update: My boxes of 1 1/2; 2; and 2 1/2 are getting full!) 
3) Work on DGS#5's graduation quilt.(Due May 31st)
4) Embroider labels for 3 quilts.
5) Bind DD#2's quilt. (Due May 10th)
6) Work on QGA books.(Update: Still need to do this! Pronto!)

     The Drama King struck Sunday afternoon. His beef was with my apparent lack of respect for him. Although I have rehashed the whole event, I can't see why he became so dramatic or felt he was disrespected except that he didn't get his way. DD#3 wanted to protect me when he was invading my personal space by getting in between. She wasn't too happy when I explained to her that I could handle the Drama King...needs audience. Remove the audience and you remove the drama!
     The Drama Queen decided not to be left out and struck last night. She has a cyst on her ovary. This is a very painful thing and requires rest to allow the medication to work. It is not instant! She wants instant. She came over yesterday afternoon trying to get DH to drop everything and take her to hospital. It was bowling night and anyone who knows DH knows that nothing interferes with bowling night. She took herself end of drama, Right? No, she called the Drama Princess who is 65 miles away complaining. So Drama Princess called DH. After bowling, we went get stuff she 'needed' at her house (20 mile round trip), to both hospitals since she told us the wrong one, and finally to the hospital she was at. They ran tests and the results showed that one of the cysts was gone and the other had shrunk tremendously. Results: 1) You are not dying; 2) You don't need emergency surgery; 3) Go home and take medications as prescribed; 4) No stronger pain medication.  Where's the drama in that! Not the results she wanted so she got mad and stormed home with us following with DGS#9. 
   Finally at 2am last night we got to bed only to woken up at 4am with a very loud violent thunderstorm. Then up at 6am to try to do what needed to be done last night.  I got half done.Still have lots to do (dentist for DH and meetings for me) so I had better get moving.
Lator Gators. May the fabric you need find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!    E

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