Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2 of Adventure

We had a peaceful night. This morning we called Traders Villiage to see if our "19 pound of dog" would be accepted. Most sites limit number of pets to 2 and we have 3. I have found if I give weight then site is ok with number. Also I seldom walk all three together. Traders Villiage had no problem so we booked 2 nights. It is only 2 miles from lanes.
We had a very relaxing day today. Everything in camper is working properly. We had hot dogs and chilli for brunch and salad with tuna sandwiches for supper/dinner. Hot showers were wonderful and now for a comfortable night in our bed.
Tomorrow DH bowls at 3. Here's hoping for 200's by all 5 team members.
Lator Gators! Life is a grand adventure-enjoy it!


  1. Glad you found a place for everyone! And I hope he gets some 300s! LOL.

    That would be a killer!


  2. I know you are relieved to have a place to dock. Good luck to Mr. Geema. Happy sewing!