Saturday, May 28, 2011


Creek to walk in or by
Blogger has been playing tricks on me since we left Texas. I think the tornadoes must have messed with it. LOL I have to email a picture to myself and then work with it until I get it copied in my picture files. It takes about 15 minutes to get a picture. Bummer!
Wednesday when we got home, our oldest DGD had supper cooked for us and DS showed us the progress of his garden. Our DGD,Spirit, welcomed us with open arms and wanting to know when we were leaving to bring her camping. 
Thursday, I sent DH to get haircuts for himself and the two DGSs that appeared at the house. I worked on sewing binding on "Kats in Black and Red while DGD Spirit had her hair done by DGD Kristin. After the beautifications were done, we packed up the car and drove to DD#1's house to drop off Spirit and Chris. After the peace and quiet, I wish I could say that the noise that those two carry was welcome but I can't. We stopped by Krotz Springs and got the usual boudin and cracklins but didn't have any left by the time we got to DD#1's house. So sorry!  After a short stay complete with a showing of completed quilt tops by DD#1, we left with DGS Donovan.
Friday, I finished sewing the binding and dropped Donovan off to where he was spending the weekend all before 10am. Then  I came home and DH and I went looking for something to let my cucumber plants grow on. (It is too tall so it is laying on ground until I can get DH to cut it. Best way to do that is for me to get the equipment and look like I am doing it. LOL That afternoon, Lilly went for her weekly vet visit which gave her a good bill of health. Hopefully, we won't we going every week. Then I finished machine sewing the binding on "Kats..." I decided to do it by machine b/c it is going to a child and will need to be washed often.
Today, I am planning on bring Lorenzo for his vet appointment. (Did I mention that I think anyone over 60 should be able to deduct vet bills from income tax? Pets are a major deterrent to health problems in older people and are recommended by many doctors. Therefore, they should be a deductible expense. ) Then I am going to put the binding on another quilt. Again by machine. After that I hope to work on DGS DJ's quilt.
Sorry about the lack of pictures - they are still all on my camera.
Well, Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. too bad I can't see pictures of all of this! LOL.

    Glad you are home safely and staying busy!