Friday, June 10, 2011

Design Wall Week 23 6-6-11

   My muse has left me totally. For the first time since my #2DGS graduated, a grandchild graduated w/o a quilt. DJ's quilt has been on the design wall for four months waiting for me to put it together. Any one has a method to get a muse to come back? I have tried doing the 15 minute a day in the studio; I have tried different projects; I have tried UFO's, swaps, bees, lotto,etc. but nothing has inspired me. Not even working with the GO to cut out tumblers and drunkard path blocks. Nothing, Nada!
   I did however manage to get 2 quilts bound and 1 strip quilt's vertical sashing sewed down. I even made some nice swap, bee, and lotto blocks.  Right now I am working on 6 lotto blocks for Krotz Springs due Thursday and  swap and bee blocks. 
   DGD#2 is cutting out tumbler blocks for me on the GO! so that if the muse stays on vacation, I will have something to sew during my 15 minutes besides DJ's Quilt.
   The last few days (Thursday-Saturday) have been rather nerve racking. Our ac went out for the second time this summer on Thursday but we managed to get it back Friday morning.  Then Friday night it went out again and nothing we did got it back on so we called Mr. Kenneth(my hero) and he came fix it on Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon DGD#2 asked to borrow my Element to drive to Lafayette to go bowling with friends. She promised to be back by 10pm so I said ok. After all in August, the Element will be put in her name so that she can go back and forth to school as a senior. I have to TRUST, right? Well, we had a noisy, windy thunderstorm 30 minutes after she left so I worried since my wipers needed changing. Short story: She made it home safely and learned a couple of lessons about driving alone in the process. TRUST!
Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. I am sorry about your missing muse but totally understand too! It happens to everyone at some point in time. That is a lovely block in the pic.
    Heat here has been horrid. Power was out for an hour Wed afternoon also!