Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hard Week

Tuesday we went to Lafayette to go to lunch with DD#1 and get Element looked at. Lunch at BQ went well and I signed up for bus trip for shop hop in August. Then Pape and I went to the Honda place to see about making appointment for Element. They could take her right then so we let them fix her. Mr. Brian said it wouldn't take that long since only a sensor and gas cap needed to be changed. It was cold in that place so Pape and I went sit on a breezy bench outside in the shade. I played on my Iphone and Pape took what seemed to be a nap.
That is when trouble with a capital T hit! Pape got stiff as a board; his lips, eyelids, and ear tops turned purple; he was not responsive even when I shook him hard; and I could not find a pulse. I called for help and they called the paramedics. No one could find his pulse or see him breathe so we started to lay him down to give CPR when he took a gasp and started to come around. I took his blood sugar and it was 141 which was ok. The paramedic noticed his heart beat and pulse were super slow...too slow and gave him meds to raise it. They worked!
Since Tuesday evening we have been in the hospital where they have taken every tests that the internalist, hospitalist, and neurologist could think of to find out what happened. Nothing shows up except that his blood pressure is low even without his meds. They finally let us go home today and we had appointments with our family doctors. His doctor is stumped too but isn't going to let it go until he knows what is happening. I think Pape knocked on Heaven's door and they told him that he had unfinished business and sent him back.
Pape got me back by backing up my doctor's plan to run tests on me. My thyroid function is off the chart and the left side of  my thyroid is swollen so doctor wants to get a MRI of it. It is time for a colonoscopy and mamogram. Dang I should have left Pape in the waiting room. LOL I know I needed two of those but just hate doing them. I mean if it ain't giving trouble and aint broke why mess with it.
Tomorrow is my b-day and hopefully it will be peaceful. Saturday I have a budget meeting and Sunday Pape bowls. Guess I will be his driver for a while.
Lator Gators - I am off to BR to the Krewe of Quilters meeting to deliver quilts. May all the fabrics you desire appear in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE>)

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  1. WOW! Glad he is OK. ANd you are too. After a shock like that I would be a basket case.

    My Aunt used to tell the story about my Uncle. She said they were in bed, he was sleeping and she was doing crossword puzzles. She heard him stop breathing. She kicked him out of bed with her feet, he hit the floor and it shocked his heart back into beating when he hit the floor.

    He was a doctor and he always told the story that Edith kicked him out of bed and saved his life!

    Frank has a-fib and his heart slows. So he takes a chemical pacemaker in a pill, but knows that one day he will probably need a mechanical pacemaker.

    I am so glad Pape is OK.

    I can't imagine............