Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny Things!

Spirit's fabric
  Monday Spirit spent the day with me so we cut tumblers and sewed strips together to make a piece of cloth. Spirit was so proud of her little piece of fabric. She worked really hard at sewing on the edge.We also made a dog pillow for Lorenzo's bed using fabric from the scrap pile. It was stuffed with all the trimmings from quilts and blocks. Those pieces were too small to keep! 
Lorenzo complaining about Ama and basset.
    I thought about Glen's 2 basset hounds yesterday when a basset came a'visitin' at my house. I don't know who owns it but it was so cute! We have 5 dogs of various sizes now so it can't live here. Besides Lorenzo made more noise than a pack of dogs trying to scare it away. 
   Today, I went to my appointment with the trainer. I walked in at 8 sharp and he was with another person so I walked to try and get left leg to loosen up. When the lady left, I stopped walking and went to meet him. He was talking to a guy and ignored me so I went bike. When that guy left, I went to the office but he was talking to another guy. I gave him Billie's sheet and stepped out to wait for him. He kept talking so I went bike for 5 minutes. Finally he was in office alone, so I went meet him. He said "We had appt. at 8." I said "Yes, but you were busy so I waited for you to be free." He took the time to write down exercises for me, helped me stretch leg muscle and his 8:30 paying client arrived so he had no  time to show me what was what. We will try to do this again tomorrow. I think!
Lorenzo upset at trainer for diskin' his mom.
   I don't think I smell (put deodorant on) or have bad breath (brushed teeth and used mouth wash). I know I am not as pleasant to look at as he or Billie are but neither was the lady after me. I am beginning to feel unloved, unwanted, and uncomfortable. Good thing I am doing this for my health and not his!
Lator Gators! Time to fix a salad for lunch and play with Ama, Lorenzo, Leeapaul, and Lilly. May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash BEFORE you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. Bad trainer! Lorenzo is right to not like what he did!

    And, hey.....don't send that loose basset here..they nver leave!


  2. I would gladly take a bassie pup. We lost our good old boy in October. Nothing sweetie than a bassie.