Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stash Report 9-4-11

More Halloween for DGD#2's Graduation Quilt
Fabric Added this Week: 9 yards
Fabric Added in September: 9 yards
Fabric Added in 2011:92.685 yards 
Fabric Used this Week: 1 yard 
Fabric Used in September: 0 yards
Fabric Used in 2011: 128.435 yards
 Enhancement/ Reduction:35.75yards 

This past week was a great week! I gave Dottie a whole bag of kids prints about 10 yards total for a quilt she is making. Unfortunately she will give back over 8 yards probably.  Then i had the Ami Simms Workshop that I used fabric from the stash which was about 4 yards total dedicated to that project w/o the back.  
  If I can get rid of my cold, this week is one of the few that is not busy. Except for exercise which has not been scheduled yet, I have nothing planned for this week so I can put bindings on two quilts that I have. This will make my numbers change somewhat. OOPS, I forgot POE on Saturday, 10th, and DH's Travel League on Sunday, 11th. But that still leaves lots of sewing time since i can't do laundry b/c of all the rain and sewage overflow (the joy of living in the country).
Lator Gators. May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. You know your posted reminded me I should go through some of my fabrics I will never use and give them away. Will make room on my shelf, add to my numbers and why keep something I may never use.

  2. I hope you rare able to accomplish oodles this week!

  3. Hope you can shake your cold. There seems to be something going around.

  4. Hope your get to feeling 100% soon. Colds are just not fun. Hope you get to do all the sewing you've planned. Stay Dry!

  5. I hope you get to feeling better and stay dry!

  6. Those Halloweenies look fabulous. I worked on mine last night during the LSU game, gave me something else to do while everyone was watching it.

    Hope you are feeling better. I am sorry you are cold ridden! but stay away from me!


  7. Hey there, AJ has been sick for a week, missed 4 days of school, is finally starting to feel better today. Have a great holiday!

  8. Yikes, hope life settles down for you soon! Good luck getting lots accomplished this week!

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. I should give away more - that will jump start my numbers - thanks for the idea.