Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Design Wall Progress

Top of Saints 2
  Well, I didn't clean yesterday. I got a case of chills and low fever. DH told me it was because I am allergic to cleaning and he may be right!  I spent most of the day sleeping and shaking. Finally, I got warm and did the top half of the embroidery on Saints 2 so all was not lost. Then read on iPad while watching Saints skunk Alanta. Go Saints!
   I don't plan on cleaning today except for the usual sweeping, mopping, dusting, clothes washing, and watching Spirit or her watching me. 
Bottom half of embroidery
  DD#3 is picking me up to go exercise more of the holiday food off. Then when I get back, Spirit and I have a lunch date with DD#1 at BQ. After that, I plan on doing the second half of the embroidery on Saints 2. A second machine needs to be set up so I can finish the surprise for DD#1 and SIL#only. Cleaning will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to be started.
Well, off to exercise.
Lator Tigers! May the rest of 2011 be STRESS FREE!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, but if you had to be sick, yesterday was the day to do it. Today is so beautiful and cool.

    I am once again back in my sewing room.......CLEANING! I will get a few more of the tiny tiny houses out as well.