Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011

All embroidery DONE!
   This morning I have been busy in my sewing studio while waiting for DH to get out of bed (still hasn't happened). First, I finished the embroidery for Saints 2. Next step is to start quilting the center. 
Stolen from Twilight blog
   Unable to keep still while the machine did its thing and not having set up a second machine to replace the broken Ellangeo, I cut tumblers for Nu's Tumbler Graduation Quilt. (That young man has had lots of tumbles in his 18 years! His family dissolved and neither parent had room for this young man. He spent 5 years being shuffled until he hit his 16 b-day. Then those 'adults' responsible for him, put him out, told him to quit school, find a job and place to stay for himself. This is when my DD#4 took him in, kept him in school, and gave him a family that loves him - us! He is graduating from high school in May with honors and is planning to go into the arm services. He tumbled really well so the tumbler quilt with all its different mixed up colors seems so right for him.)
  When I ran out of ironed scraps, I started looking for 8" scraps in my scrap bin. I figured while I was looking, I just as soon cut and place the scraps into the 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2 , and 1" bins. Come to find out most were already those sizes and I just need to measure, cut straight, and save in correct bin.
   I have decided that on Wednesday of next week a trip to BR is necessary to bring the machine to be repaired. Hopefully, it can be b/c I just adore that machine and can't afford another like it.
    I am off to press, cut, and save scraps. Why? I don't know since I am not a fan of scrappy quilts. Well, 2012 is a new year and if you practice something for 6 months it becomes part of your make-up, so I will be practicing until June making scrappy quilts.
Well, lator Tigers! May your 2012 begin wonderfully.


  1. Congratulations to Nu for landing on his feet when he tumbled! What an inspiration for those who say "I can'......"

    You have been very busy today. I mostly ate. I am starting a diet on Monday and plan to eat until I can't! LOL


  2. I don't know where the T went in I can't.......