Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why? Oh why?

Do husbands question you?
Can't they just accept that you access the situation and are asking for what is needed?
It has been a very frustrating day. First the air conditioner went out...actually that is not exactly true. Because it did not have enough freon, it froze up and then dripped into my quilting studio. 
 Now last evening before dark I heard the drip and called DH to bring me towels since he was closer to the bathroom...notice the s. He brought me one. Try mopping up 2 gallons of water with one towel.
 This has happened once before so I asked DH to call the air conditioner man. NO NO NO...DH had to fix it himself. After about 2 hours with no luck, DH decided to call the man. The air conditioner man told me what to do and I did it.
 It happened again this afternoon and this time I put towels down to catch the drips but it was bad so I asked DH where the buckets were. He came with the flashlight to access the situation. I went get 2 buckets. The situation was water everywhere coming very quickly from air conditioner. Simple. I put buckets under the drips and caught over 3 gallons this time and quilting studio didn't get flooded!
 I again did what I was told to do by the man. DH got upset since he wanted the unit OFF. I tried to explain but DH went off in a huff until the man came in and told him the same things. By this time I didn't need the heat to make me hot.
 Why oh why!
 Then this afternoon, the insurance lady tells me she needs last report card from DGD#2. So I called with no answer and then texted to her and her mom. Well, that did not turn out well. An apology is in order but...
  It seems that today was a day that I could get in trouble with my loved one just doing what was necessary.  Why oh Why are there days like that!
Lator Gators! Remember it is Mind over Matter. If you don't Mind It don't Matter. I am trying hard not to mind, but having a hard time achieving it. I'll keep praying for serenity.

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  1. Sorry about your a/c, and the DGD. I understand about the husband thing......they never think you know what you are talking about.

    But we had a great time inspite of it all. Yes.......and I won.......

    glen: had to add that last bit! :-)))))