Friday, August 24, 2012


Outside the window...raindrops are falling.
I am thinking...I should have taken my clothes off the line much earlier.
I am thankful for...cooler temperatures and DH.
I am remembering...things I need to get done by September 6th.
I am missing...Spirit's daily visit.
I am BR for a Margo Purse class on Saturday, August 25th.
I am hoping...Glenda shows me an easy way b/c I know that block is beyond my skill set.
I am looking forward to...the class on September 9th.
I am listening to...the sounds of war from DH's computer.
I am wishing...for less strife in this world.
I am currently reading...36 Hour Day.
One of my favorite things...learning new quilting techniques. 
I am amazed...51 followers. Wow! Welcome. Hope I don't bore you too much.
I wonder...why?
   Things are looking up here! The air conditioner is working beautifully. We have a new water bed mattress. It isn't as waveless as our last one but it doesn't make me sick either. LOL The electricity hasn't gone off lately. Grandchildren aren't getting into too much trouble. (If anyone hits one of our family in the face, that person has permission to punch the hitter. Hitting a person in the face is the worse insult that can be given and puts you on the same level as the person you hit. This means if a female hits a grandson in the face, then she is a fair target. If the hit is any other place, we are expected to protect ourselves w/o hitting and leave area. We tell them they can always walk away when the problem starts until the face is involved. This may not be politically correct but it is how we believe.) This was tested this week.
  Our only real problem is a flea problem. I went to Houston last week and when I got back, my Yorkie  pair had gone from flea-less to flea bags. We have treated them and they are on the screen porch until I am sure that the medication has worked. Sometimes I wonder if leaving home is worth the adaptations I have to handle when I get home. LOL
  I had a lovely time on the shop hop and came home with 16.5 yards of lovely fabric which doesn't count the yards and fat quarters DD#1 received. I found 2 fat quarters representing adaptations.
Lator, Gators. Remember it is Mind/Matter. If you don't Mind, it doesn't Matter.

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  1. I have missed your wonderings! Glad the house is back together, bed is intact and floor is dry!

    Isnt the 36 hour day about Alzheimer's? I read that. I live that now

    51followers! Whoo goo!