Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals For January, 2013

  A couple weeks ago, Judy L. stated that the UFO project that she started a few years ago is going to change a bit. Instead of creating a list of UFO's for the year and randomly choosing one each month by number, three goals would be stated for the month on the last day of the previous month and evaluated on the last day of that months.
   For me, this change is much better than a list of UFO's. So I sat down and decided which 3 things I want to do this month. These came up immediately!
   Goals for January, 2013:
    1) Daughter #1 -Finish DD#1's dress - started & make DGS#4's and DD#1's pj pants - fabric bought and waiting to be cut.
    2) Daughter #2 -Make a carry bag for DD#2's tablet -fabric found and ready for cutting & pattern needs redesigning & work on DGD#2's quilt - top ready for hand-quilting but back needs piecing.
    3) Friends -Complete Ava's quilt - working on hand-work for binding and then name and label & work on binding for donation to North Elementary.
 Other goals, after the first three are completed, are:

  •    Work -Make organizer pattern for J&B &   Make quilt pattern for J&B & Make both bag kits for J&B.
  •    Self - Make new purse for myself & Complete Charlotta Angotti Mystery #1 & Learn to use Handiquilter at J&B so I can quilt Bears.
  My goals are not all quilt related but are all sewing which I love doing. Making just three goals is impossible for me right now...I have too much that needs accomplishing during January, 2013!
   I am off to work on my first January goals b/c the marine DGS is leaving for NC right after the first and I want him to have his pants to remind him how much he is loved. He sleeps with his skull quilt and 'Day of Dead' pillowcase and now will have his pjs all made by his 'weird geema'.
   Lator Gators! May your end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 be wonderful! Remember the old saying -"Whatever you do on the first day of the year is what you will do all year long including the last day of the year!" I spent the last day sewing in 2011 and am still sewing!


  1. My goodness - reads like 12 to me not 4 -LOL. Happy Quilting in the New Year!

  2.'ve got three in the first're going to be busy. I hope I am sewing tomorrow....and all year long.

  3. I will be reading as you check off this list!

  4. Wonderful list, and I'll be interested to see all that happens at your house.