Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stash Report December 2, 2012

Fabric Added this Week: 2 yards (both gifted by LQS owner)
Fabric Added in November: 2.5 yards 
Fabric Added in December: 0 yards
Fabric Added YTD: 123 yards
Fabric Used this Week: 2 yards (Holiday Lane Pillow & Inside Pillow)
Fabric Used in November: 1.5 yards
Fabric Used in December: 1 yard
Fabric Used YTD: 140.5 yards
Stash Reduction: 17.5 yards
 For every action there is an equal reaction sometimes wonderful and some times bad and often unexpected. This is something I truly believe and this week it was proven yet again!  
  I started helping out at the NEW LQS around Thanksgivings time. I offered and the owners graciously accepted. (A quilt shop within 5 miles of my home rather than 30 to 60 miles seemed worth the effort.) New fabric is arriving and every time I open a new box to put into inventory, the owner teases me about being a 'kid in a candy store' or a 'kid on Christmas day'. Every bolt is the new favorite! Except that the New Orleans line still gets lots of fondling and one day will reside with me - both the teals and purples.
  A huge stash to 'pet' all morning long without having to count it and getting to help other quilters pick just the right piece while picking their brains for project ideas sounded like the perfect way to spend my time. Don't you think so too?
Well, the equal reaction law set in and....
  First, four hours at the LQS means four hours not sewing (terrible reaction) or taking care of home chores(great reaction). 
  Second, playing with three hundred different bolts of fabric in a week has lead to fabric overload and not wanting to bring any home (terrible reaction) but I am also not spending money!(wonderful reaction) This overload does not worry me. It is like eating Thanksgiving dinner - you stuff yourself to the point of bloat, but you are ready to do it again after a bit of a rest!
   My BFF got upset at the LQS. Terrible reaction but hopefully a wonderful reaction will be forth coming soon. 
  Lator Gators! May all your reaction be Fantastic!

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  1. Well, the "greats" outnumber the "terribles" !!! Especially when it involves not having to do housework! LOL.

    I don't think I could work in a fabric store.....but then I didn't think I could go into the CAAWS shelter so often and not take home dogs......forget I said that.....