Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stash Report Week 2 1/13/13

Added This Week: 1 Yard
Added in January: 3.625 Yards
Added YTD: 3.625 Yards
Used This Week: .5 Yards (Quilted dinosaur notebook cover for Spirit which still needs her initials)
Used in January: 5.125 yards
Used YTD: 5.125 yards
Stash Reduction: 1.5 yards
   It looks like I am losing ground, but fabric is being use but the projects are still in the WIP stage.
GET IT DONE goals:
1) Finish DD#1's dress - just need invisible zipper and hems.
    Make DD#1 a pair of PJ Pants - Done
    Make DGS#4 PJ Pants -Did a pair for DGS#2 instead. Will work on DGS#4's this week.
2) Make carry bag for DD#2
    Complete backing for  DGD#2's quilt
3) Bind Ava's quilt - Done! It still needs name & label. I'm waiting on Accuquilt ABC dies
     Bind Donation quilt for North Elementary -Done! Both need labels.
Other Goals:
1) Work on quilt (75% done), organizer, and 2 bag kits for J&B.
2) Make new purse for self
3) Add borders to CA#1 top
4) Use Handiquilter to quilt Bears
      It has been an interesting week! Monday, a creature decided to help itself to the fruit in our fruit bowl. Leeapaul actually barked at it and he doesn't bark at anything smaller than himself - considering he is only 4.5 lbs soaking wet, this was not a mouse, but perhaps a squirrel! In the morning we went to the doctor for blood tests and that night bowled for 1st place in our league. We didn't win first, but we made the other team work for their wins. Tuesday, we went back to the doctor and everything was deemed good. This was a relief b/c DH has been in charge of his own breakfast & lunch meals without supervision since I started helping at J&B so there is no telling what he has put down his throat. Wednesday and Thursday, it started raining and it was a mess. Lewisburg went under water including Tony Road which is unusual. I braved mid-calf water to get my grandchildren, since their mom got stuck between Branch, Church Point, and her home due to water on the road deeper than the car windows is some places. If the rain continues at this pace, the webs between our toes may have to regenerate so we can navigate better. The invading creature either drown or decided to find a new quieter, sweeter, more accepting home. Big Brave Protector Leeapaul thinks he scared it away, but I think that it was the corn I fed it. Friday and Saturday, I went to J&B and almost have the Accuquilt inventory entered. I also interfaced, cut, and laid out a customer's T-shirt quilt. It was interesting to watch Belinda load a quilt on the Handiquilter also very entertaining. Spirit developed high fever and an ear infection.  My girls really help each other with life's ups & downs. DD#3 took care of her during the day but when the fever rose to 103 it was time for Spirit's mom. DH and I helped out with rides and fever thermometer since her mom was so tired she was drooping from working doubles and taking care of Spirit.
     Then in the mist of all this my computer crashed. I managed to get it back but lost all my programs, documents, and pictures. Like I said it has been an interesting week. Hopefully, it will be calmer next week but then again it is suppose to rain and go from 75 / 80 to 30/40. Well, like the old saying goes - If you don't like Louisiana weather, wait an hour and it will change! As long as the rain eases up so the webs can grow back between my toes, I am OK! LOL
   Lator Gators! May your week be interesting but not taxing. Remember you can always make lemonade from life's lemons.


  1. you lost everything? Oh no! Too bad it couldn't have been fat or something good like that. I get that "bug". Hope Spirit is better soon, ear aches are nasty, especially during this weather.

    Stay warm, dry, cool or damp.....whichever the weather dictates!


  2. Bummer. Before you give up on that hard drive call a pc guru and see if they can get those things back. It's amazing what they can do. Your numbers look good to me.

  3. Wow...what a hectic week. Hope everyone is well and you have a better week. It's nice that your family can depend on each other...we all need that. I'm originally from Hammond, La but reside in Georgia now. Family is still there in Hammond and we go back several time a year. Looking forward to reading your blog in the future.