Sunday, March 17, 2013

International Quilt Day AND 7 Mile Garage Sale!

It was such a lovely day in South Louisiana yesterday.

Five large containers of fabric went on the table for sale. Fat Quarters, panels, pillow tops, one-yard cuts, and yardage all were on the stuffed table and in bins still. these were the fabrics locked in the closer unloved! I felt that they deserved to see the light of day and get the chance to be adopted by someone who would love them on IQD.

Yep! I was selling my stash - the stale parts at least! No, don't send the men in the white coats yet - I kept much more than I put on sale. My DD#2 and DGD#2 came help me man the table or possible to make sure I hadn't gone off the deep end!

Most fabrics were adopted -some went home with new Quilters, some with experienced Quilters including my boss, and only 1 partially full bin came home to go back in the closet. It felt good to know that those fabrics would be loved once again!

My grand- daughter said that it would have all gone had I mentioned the sale on my Facebook page. But My friends would have definitely called the men in black b/c they had proof that an alien inhabited my body!

After the sale, I came home rested and then went work on "Carpenter's Star" which will serve two purposes - first, it will be sample for next beginner's class and second, it will be one of a pair for the neighbor's coming twins. And it will possibly be part of two quilts for events in my grand children's lives- a wedding quilt and a graduation quilt.

Lator Gators! I'm off to celebrate the "Wearing of the Green"!

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