Friday, May 24, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane

Life has settled down! Only excitement is avoiding Me-new's attacks.

Last week I gave my second Carpenter's Star class. It is so much fun watching the hooking of a new quilter. Then on Wednesday, I gave the first Banner/flag class to a group of three. We had a blast - two finished and my true beginner got half done! 

Thursday, I worked on the "ugly" quilt and then we drove to BR to bring the Quest to Alex for repair. I had my first BabyLock fixed and gave it to DD#1. She is always bugging me to embroider something. Now she can do it herself. In exchange I took the Quest which was in serious need of repair. 

Today, I worked on the "ugly" quilt again and it is still ugly! Tomorrow, I will work on inventory and Banner/flag quilting and duffle bags. Sunday, it is sewing for DD#1 and more quilting/construction on banners and duffles. Monday, I plan on cleaning. Tuesday is another easy day of helping my beginner to finish her banner and the her carpenter star. Then Wednesday, we have a quilting/binding class. Thursday, is guild day. 

See nice peaceful times! 
Lator Gators! Remember to keep using life's lemons to make lemonade.

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  1. What??? No pictures???. How wil I recognize you when I see you again?