Sunday, June 16, 2013

Second Duffle Bag Class a Success

It was a very full and tiring 2 days. The classroom at J&B has been renamed "The Sweatshop!" LOL 
Friday afternoon at 4:30pm, we started. First fabric was chosen and cut. Syllabus, freezer paper patterns & books given out and discussed. We have 1 book left (ordered more) and ran out of fusible fleece (thought we had 2 bolts but didn't so ordered more) so early that Belinda and Jeannette used batting which also worked well but isn't as easy.
Then ironing of the two fusibles used and spray basting of body and sides. The marathon quilting of the sides, pockets, and body started at 7 pm. We shut down at 10:30 pm with everyone, but Belinda, having completed 95% of the quilting. (Bosses are the worse students but the BEST rippers!)
Barbara working quietly!
Saturday morning at 10:30 am we started again! First, working on straps, facings, tabs, and linings. Barbara joined us and worked on her Carpenter's Star while laughing at our antics. After experiencing that, she still wants to take the Duffle class. Amazing!  Lunch break at 2pm then on to adding straps, inside pockets, front pockets, and the zipper. Finally, at 3pm we began working on adding sides to the bag. First, bag was birthed at 4pm, second at  4:30, third at 5:30.

While waiting for Belinda to birth her bag, Gindi and Shelly went on a hunt for the perfect fabrics for second & third bags to do in Alaska. They even invited me to visit Alaska to teach a class! Or could I video how to do one or Skye with a group as they made a bag. I said no to both proposals - my husband won't go to Alaska, I don't fly w/o him, and I am camera shy. But I felt honored to be asked! Finally, at 6:45, Belinda birthed her beautiful bag.
I learned so much from the 7 ladies who took the 2 Duffle class about this bag and how to be clear without being brash and authoritative. Teaching adults is much much different than teaching Middle school although for while I thought a 6th grader had snuck in!LOL

Thank you to  these wonderful ladies who took the classes and put up with my loud, brash, & authoritative  behavior. 
Lator, Gators! I have more sewing to do! Remember to keep making lemonade from life's lemons. These ladies made this batch sweet!


  1. The bags are fabulous and you sound like you are having so much fun!

  2. they all look great. i might have to take the class.