Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wondering for a January Morning

Outside my window...cold winds blowing.
I am thinking...life is strange and wonderful all at the same time.
I am thankful for...opportunities that just appear and warm quilts. 
I am missing...my Quest. It sews and quilts like a dream!
I am going...to piece, eat soup, nap, and then repeat the process until school reopens.
I am hoping...the winter weather doesn't cause too many severe problems. Also that not too many Cajuns get hurt with our versions of sledding and skiing.
I am looking forward to...making another Fractured Bargello Jacket in teal and brown.
I am listening to...sleet tapping at the window and the central heating running and running.
One of my favorite things...sitting reading blogs with a large cup of coffee covered with a warm quilt.
I am currently reading...blogs and third grade teaching manuals.
I am wishing...that central heater would stop running b/c it was finally 70 degrees! I may have to put on a sweat shirt and lower temp to 68.
I am amazed...that our governor declared a state of emergency due to cold weather.
I wonder...if we get as much snow/ ice mix as they predict, how will it effect the highways. South Louisiana doesn't have snow plows. We do know how to sled on anything that will slide. 

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