Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stash Report February 23, 2014

Fabric Added this Week0 yards 
Fabric Added in February: 8 yards
Fabric Added YTD22.5 yards
Fabric Used this Weekyards
Fabric Used in February7.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD18.5 yards
Stash Enhancementyards 
    Nothing has changed because I have not sewn a thing all week. No! That is not true - yesterday, at work, I put on the binding for customer's quilt. I even joined the ends w/o my favorite binding tool. That felt good!
    Thursday, I got to hold DGGD and again on Friday. She is a joy! And a quilt grabber!
   MES and DH had a serious discussion about her parents' thing about her being undressed. Neither seem to like the idea.


  1. Sweet baby. She looks very serious about their conversation.

  2. Such a precious! She is seriously listening to what DGF has to say. I like how you've labeled more in than out - so positive!