Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stash Report March 2, 2014

Fabric Added this Week0 yards 
Fabric Added in February: 8 yards
Fabric Added YTD22.5 yards
Fabric Used this Weekyards
Fabric Used in February7.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD18.5 yards
Stash Enhancementyards 
     Another week without sewing....that may be why I still feel bad! The good news is that I introduced my third graders to the process of making a quilt during our economics lessons this week. They don't understand why I would cut up fabric to make more fabric but love the product created! The best news is I have four days off! My plans are to sleep, sew, eat, then repeat. My own mini retreat complete with lots of water and chocolate! I might throw in some walking but maybe not.
Goals for February: NONE were completed!
Lofty Goals for March are:
Goal 1: UFO/PhD list for March
 1) Sammie's quilt - needs borders, hand quilting in Neon threads, make/apply binding, and make/apply label. Backing is made!
2). Garden Maze quilt - Make binding strips, hand-bind, and label.
 3) Tom Kat quilt - handbind, sew down face, mouse, hole, ball, & label.
 4) MES's crib quilt - quilted, labeled, and bound. (Waiting on quilter)
5) Wanda's red quilt - Add border, and make backing, binding, 
 6) Block along blocks due March
Goal 2: Organization of studio
  1) Put all fabrics on bookcase. I put them on and take them out again. Endless circle!
 Goal 3: New Skills/ NewFO
1) disappearing pinwheels (2 types)
2) Mini Lone Star


  1. Well, if you wouldn't set so many goals... No, you are excused, since you spent time teaching kids about quilts! They love them, don't they? So do the other teachers. Scroll to yesterday's post on my blog to see my goals.

  2. You should be able to knock off some of the items on goal #1. Borders usually go on pretty quickly if they aren't pieced. Have fun on your days off.

  3. How's the baby? And momma? Abd great grandma???

    I am getting a cold.........I think. May. Be allergies. Seems like the trees are coming out.......