Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stash Report for Sunday, April 13 & Sunday, April 6, 2014

Added Last week: 0 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added YTD: 38.75 yards
Used Last Week:  1.5 yard
Used This Week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 31.75 yards
Stash ENHANCEMENT: 7 yards

    Although I went on retreat last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I didn't complete much! I made a bag to hold swimming necessities for my DGD#5 and two micro-wave bowls for my teaching partners. 
    Most of my time was putting together the pieces of my first QGA quilt class with C. Regonie. I ran out of leaves and batiks before it was the size I wanted. Then I had to decide if I want to border it as is or add that last row. I couldn't decide so I packed it back up.
     I have decided to border it as is so it can be finished!  I named the top "Muddy Leaves" because I didn't use enough contrast between my backgrounds and leaves. The colors just blend together all muddied up!

    Next I worked on my second Charlotte Angotti Mystery. I love her mysteries BUT she leaves a lot of the finishing directions to the imagination. They take a lot of thinking! I am slow in the thinking department when sewing. All I have left are the finishing triangles.
    This week was iLeap for my third graders! It was a difficult week for them and for me. After they finished testing, we were required to be silent or as close to silent as we could be. Monday testing lasted from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Tuesday's testing lasted until 2:30 so they got to go outside for recess at 2:40pm. Wednesday and Thursday were even longer! Friday, they had to be silent until 11:30. They got tired of reading and napping. I felt so sorry for them! I was just as tired so no sewing. 
    Then Saturday, I drove to Houston for a funeral. Left my house at 5:00am and didn't get back until 7pm. It also makes for a long day. Today, I am going to my sister's to celebrate her 40th anniversary. No sewing except to  embroider a label and steno covers. 
   The GOOD news is that I am off from Thursday to Monday. 11 whole days! Then I have a 4 day week and then start my 3 day weeks. I am ready to go back to being a retired lady. LOL
     Well, I have papers to grade. Lator Gators!


  1. I was so glad tohave my Cynthia Regone top finished! having her come to tehMarch meeting really spurred me to finish it. Otherwise it would still be sitting there. Min looks like yours, muddied with not a lot of contrast.

    i went to the shop yesterday, and to the flea market. Very interesting. Missed you.

    Can't wait till you are retired again!

  2. I'm ready for you to be retired again too lol