Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, May 18, 2014

In: 3 yards
In YTD: 55.25 yards
Out: 0 yards
Out YTD: 37.75 yards
Enhancement: 17.50 yards

     I went to get more stabilizer and 2 yards of beautiful gray fabric & 1 yard of cute kids print jumped into the cart.  I have a  plan for them, DD#4 bought 2 yards of a beautiful turquoise print. I have been working on my red & white log cabin, but it is not a top yet!
     My DH tried to give me heart failure Friday  twice. First, he fell and his landing woke me out of a sound sleep. Scared me awake. 
    Then, later we are leaving to pick up DD#4 and bring her to work, he decided to get out of the truck and have a heated argument with a man at  the intersection about dogs. The dogs, that were left to take care of themselves, are causing minor problems in the neighborhood. The dog pound was called, but they have no room so haven't come to get them yet. (The man claims they told him to kill them which I doubt.)
      Well, this man was backing up (I think!) and the dogs started barking at him. He got out with a ball point hammer and started swing at them. We were waiting to cross at the intersection. DH got out of the truck and yelled at the man to leave the dogs alone. The man came walking towards our truck swinging the hammer and yelling. DH didn't back down. I was scared to death that the man would strike DH or DH would strike the man. He finally went move is truck and DH got in mine. I drove across the intersection hoping DH wouldn't get out again.
     I was so upset that I wasn't watching my speed. Needless to say, I got stopped for speeding. DD#4 was rolling in the backseat b/c I am known for driving under the speed limit. 
     All that for dogs that aren't even mine! Yes, I have called the area no kill shelters and none have room! 
Lator Gators! I am working on my studio. You can now walk around in it! 



  1. So sorry about the ticket, I would hope after all that the police would have been understanding.

  2. Glad he didn't get hurt in that crazy fall. You just worry about him. At least when the most even tempered man i know gets mad it is about protecting dogs! A man after my own heart! You can't mess with people now a days though. They WILL come after you with hammers and worse.

    Take care and I hope the dogs get the help they need. I so understand, but you know that. I have done no less myself.....

  3. Oh yeah I am chuckling about that too! You heard about my run in with the cop in the school zone the day after daylight savings time came in. I forgot to change my car and thought it was still 1:30.......just sayin'

  4. Doesn't sound like a relaxing weekend. Maybe you can contest the speeding ticket, like maybe fleeing from immediate harm?