Friday, May 9, 2014

Wonderings & Thoughts

Listening - to birds singing and Ama's radio outside my window.
Loving - the peace, sounds, and tranquility of the early morning.
Thinking - about my family
Wanting - more coffee in my cup.
Needing - flat head pins and my meds to work.
Surprised - and amazed at behavior of some people
Format copied from Susanne at Make Share Give. 
Outside my window...dogs barking and sounds of tree frogs.
I am is good!
I am thankful for...time to spend just listening to the sounds of nature.
I am missing...sewing with friends and DD#1.
I am on my red and white log cabin.
I am meds start working soon.
I am looking forward to...spending Sunday with DD#1.
I am listening to...the radio softly play blues and jazz.
One of my favorite things...sewing while listening to blues, jazz, and zydeco.

I am currently reading...blogs.
I am new studio was already completed!
I am how much my GGD has grown.

I am subbing duties will soon be over!
I am inspired by....the colors that nature puts together.
I wonder....if I will ever finish all my projects.

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  1. the answer to the last one is NO! Are you working to the end of the year?